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Embarrassed as people were staring at her, she raced across to where the napkins were stored. Amaryllis called out for a damp cloth. As she attempted to mop herself up, a woman made her way to the distraught witch’s table, and began to assist in wiping up the sticky spillage.

“I’m sorry,” mumbled Amaryllis, “ugh my lovely new jeans.”

“It’s okay my gorgeous,” soothed the woman in the most sensual darling-like voice imaginable, “nothing a rinse through the machine with Fairy non-bio won’t cure, here allow me to bring you another latte, on the house of course.”

Amaryllis looked up at the woman, it is you, the sensual one, ugh, and you are even prettier close-up! “Thank you,” Amaryllis muttered.

The woman offered Amaryllis a little wink before turning to the counter, exposing her plump bottom and slinky swaying hips. Amaryllis sighed and sat down. A few minutes later the woman returned, “There you go my gorgeous, enjoy.”

Amaryllis immediately placed her hands around the warming cup, she felt quite shaken up. “Thank you,” she said before looking up, “err, what’s your name?”

The woman smiled, “Oh yes,” she said brightly, “I’m Carolina, Carolina Plum.”

Catherine Sabatina, 1st edition, 2017, Sweet Jasmine Blood and Magic, Catherine Sabatina, United Kingdom

Another teaser from Blood and Magic, where new character Amaryllis, encounters the magical Carolina Plum.


A Snippet of Blood


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Smack! The vampire crashed into another tree, this time impaling his arm on an adjacent branch. The vampire roared in pain. Although entertained by watching Flavius bounce from tree to tree like a rubber ball, Sicily by nature was not sadistic. Therefore, not wishing to see the creature hurt, Sicily urged the vampire to stop charging at her.

Flavius withdrew his arm from the sharp wooden spike, crying out in pain as the agonising operation tore through his flesh and muscles.

“Good job it wasn’t your heart hey Flavius,” toyed Sicily with a wink. The vampire’s arm felt as if it were on fire. He required blood to regenerate, but that would have to wait. A more pressing thought overshadowed his discomfort. Why was he not knocking the witch off her feet? Why was he literally walking through the irksome, annoying, insufferable…oh of course!

He calmed his pulsating body down and turned slowly to his ex-lover and the mother of his new lover. A small, satisfied smile curled up at the corners of her mouth.

“Oh, Flavius darling,” she purred, “you really are delicious but sometimes oh so dippy.”

Admitting the fact that she had duped him, Flavius remained motionless and worked on calming his temper.

Sicily stepped closer to the vampire until she was merely a few inches from his exposed fangs. He stared down to her eyes, his shoulders pressed down, and his back erect. The vampire fixed his eyes steadily upon hers.

“Explain witch,” he said calmly, “You owe me an explanation.”

Sicily smiled, “I’m a hologram darling! You kept running through me like a foolish cat chasing a laser beam, ha!”

Flavius let out a dilapidated sigh, “Yes I’ve now gathered that part Sicily, it’s your old trick, it was foolish of me to have not recognised it sooner.”

Sicily chuckled, “Oh come now flirtatious Flavius,” she teased, “do you really think I’d come here in flesh and…blood; exposed and ripe for the plucking? Why, you could have killed me earlier with that insane burst toward me. You would have knocked me out of my Gucci boots! My fabulous brain splattered from my cranium like milk from a coconut. Look, I am all a quiver at the mere thought of you catching me and then ravishing me. This very moment my blood is wildly pumping through my veins, the mere blood curdling thought of it all.” Sicily licked her lips and puffed out her breasts toward the delicious vamp.

Flavius not biting, sighed heavily and raised his perfect eyebrows, “After knocking you off your feet with the force of a freight train, I’d have caught you Sicily,” he said quietly, “and protected that demented head of yours as you fell backwards onto the hard ground. I would have held you tightly in my arms, gazing deeply into your eyes whilst I pumped you for information, as to why you are here tonight. I would have respected the fact that you are human and require the ability to breathe, so my hold would have been tight but not constricting. Even knowing that you would have tormented me and made my very blood boil with your choice of vocabulary, the information I desired would have poured from your lips like blood gushing from a wound. After, my delicious Sicily, I would’ve helped you up and seen to it that you safely depart from this dark forest.” He then leaned closer, so that they now were an angel’s breath away from one another.

“I would’ve even kissed those enchanting lips of yours and delicately scratched the surface of your skin with my pointy fangs, so that I would taste your exquisite blood one last time.”

Sicily gave nothing away and visually remained cool; however, inside she was quivering like a vibrating Power Plate. Although happily married and perfectly content in the fact that the vampire was in love with her daughter, the captivating Flavius was playing havoc with her private parts. Sicily swallowed hard; she felt a flutter and a wave of sensation in areas that are for a lover to caress. Yet true to form as if being hit with a bucket of ice cold water, the witch pulled herself together, “Cut the crap Flavius, it’s time to talk.”

Catherine Sabatina, 2017. Sweet Jasmine Blood and Magic. Dorset: Sabatina

A Taste of Things to Come


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Blood and Magic

Chapter 2

What Happened Inside the Cottage?

SICILY STARES OUT to the night sky. The waves below crash upon the rocks with a relentless force.

Carolina stepping across to Sicily, asks, “So, you do think she will go to him?”

Sicily nods and pulls her black cardigan tightly around her goose pimpled body; she smiles knowingly. Carolina’s salty tears flow; she sniffs audibly before groaning, “Oh Goddess, what’ll become of her?” Carolina pulls a white, lace handkerchief from her pocket to dab her eyes. “What a mess!”

For a moment Sicily does not reply, instead opts to look further into the dark abyss. Eventually, Sicily voices, “She’ll be fine, but she needs sanctuary.”

Carolina sighs heavily; she knows only too well that Hecate would be closing in on the fleeing Adrianna Jasmine, with a force as powerful as the universe itself. “The castle,” Carolina speaks in a low voice, “will she go there? Will that be her sanctuary?”

Sicily turns to her friend and replies with a steely glint to her eye, “I’m counting on it, but what she chooses once she enters the castle walls, is something in which we cannot involve ourselves.”

Sweet Jasmine, Blood and Magic-Catherine Sabatina.

Coming soon

Little Bites


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Halloween Diary


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Available via Amazon Kindle, Adrianna Jasmine, The Diary Years, Halloween Week!

The little witch is all excited during the run up to Halloween and shares all her magical delights and secrets, with her diary.

Perfect read for any little girl aged between 7-9, who loves Halloween, witches and little black cats!


Catherine x

Paper back versions coming soon via Amazon.

Adrianna Jasmine, Aged 9


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The Hallowe’en season is upon us and I’ve published a series of children’s diaries, where the reader can interact with the white witch Adrianna Jasmine and be introduced to her magical world.

“The diary is lovely to read at bed time with your mummy and during the day you can try out her spells and recipes.”


Catherine xxx



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The cat whilst affectionate, can scratch your arm

Draw blood and make you curse

But it’s so slinky, warm and soft

Feline menace for better or for worse!

Serene and beastly, affectionate and aloof

You never can quite tell

The cat likes her cuddles, attention and kisses

Sometimes heaven, sometimes hell!

Leave me alone and go away

Come back right now, I want to play!

Feed me milk, no I want cream

I’ll be your friend, come what may

I’m very loyal, but I leave when I like

I may come back next week

You hate me now and you’re pleased I ran

Deep down you know I’m yours to keep