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This witty urban fantasy novel centers around the lives of a group of extraordinary women.

Main Character, Adrianna Jasmine. A master baker, self-proclaimed strudel and gifted witch. Love terrifies her, men worship her and she can’t help shape shifting into her cats!

The Mother, Sicily. An overdramatic, hyperactive and absolutely hilarious witch, who used to be a dancer at the Moulin Rouge back in the day. She is totally dedicated to the craft, adores her daughter, but is not the sort of woman you want to cross.

Sarah, Adrianna Jasmine’s best friend. Not particularly gifted when it comes to witchcraft, but she has a heart of gold, is obsessed with celebrities and works for the family business ‘Princess Sarah’s Coffee and Magic Shop.’

Kristobella, Sicily’s sister. A warm and loving witch, who runs a very successful clothing boutique. She takes no nonsense from her sister.

Carolina Plum. The sensual and sexy witch with the magical embrace, full of old Hollywood charm and charisma.

Clementine, Adrianna Jasmine’s stunning blonde cousin, who dabbles with the dark stuff. Watch out she could be trouble!

Bella Bell. A friend of Sicily’s, they go way back.

Mrs Sparrow. An old wise witch.

Mrs Berry. An old yet powerful witch with secrets as deep as the ocean.