Enjoyed a fantastic day in London yesterday (where my book Sweet Jasmine Cakes and Magic is based) with my cousins Theresa and Carly. We spent the day in Knightsbridge and really dipped into the life of the wealthy and privileged, well sort of! I brought some lovely things, manly because the sales were on, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to afford the Armani track suit top, Karen Millen shoes (Karen Millen is a favourite designer of Adrianna Jasmine) blue fitted Reiss dress and bikini from Harvey Nichols. We also saw Meg Ryan in Harvey Nichols, who was a lot shorter than I’d imagined, Steven Gerrard and his wife who were a lot taller than id imagined, and Ross King who was a lot more orange than I’d imagined. The wealth on the streets was just overwhelming.If you didn’t see women walking about with twenty thousand pounds worth of Hermes bags on their arms, you’d believe something was wrong. Every now and then conversations would come to an abrupt holt as the roaring engine of some tangerine top of the range Lamborghini brought all patterns of thought to a stand still. You cant help but look, admire, lust and dream when the car whizzes past. It’s also interesting to see who is driving it too. Most of the time the person isn’t as good-looking as the car! meeeow! (Jupiter 10!) We also saw parked outside Harrods ‘bumblebee’ the cool yellow and black car from Transformers. Before we went home we popped into the Berkley to enjoy one of their famous lemon merengue cocktails, in the blue bar (also mentioned in the book) which rendered me a little tipsy as the potent but utterly delicious cocktail made from lemon curd, champagne, vanilla vodka and other delicious ingredients, does render one a  little light-headed. We went into Karen Millen post cocktail, and brought my beautiful shoes (£150 reduced to 40 quid!) to be fair the way I was feeling after my cocktail I’d of brought the whole shop! Oh to live in London and experience the dream every day like Adrianna Jasmine does, but then again I do love my home town of Bournemouth and its sparkling sea-side. I suppose I have the best of both. Mind you a Hermes bag and red Ferrari wouldn’t go a miss, oh a girl can dream!

Catherine x