ZumbaIf you are a fan of my blogs, you may know that I teach exercise for a living, and one of my disciplines is zumba! I really enjoy teaching it, as I love the Latin world inspired music, and the fact that I have complete control over my choreography. This is very important to me as I believe myself to be highly creative and zumba, as all my freestyle classes, offer me the chance to create, create, create! I live for creation, so being able to create physical routines to music from Latin to pop, to lady Ga Ga, to flamenco helps to keep me the free spirit that I was born to be. In addition, so does my fictional writing. Writing is simply another way to feed my creativity, if I can’t create I feel lost. Returning to zumba. I did a zumba course nearly five years ago which gave me my passion for Latin music, and as a result I made Adrianna Jasmine, the main character of my book, adore Latin music and mojitos too! There is a chapter where the heroine and her honey enjoy a fun night out in a Latin bar, competing in a high energy salsa inspired dance off, and working their way through the mojitos list. Livin la Vida loca!

Catherine x