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I recently had the flu, which then went onto my chest resulting in the worst one weeks holiday ever! During the peak of my fever, I wished that I could take some Dr Goombah’s Boo Hoo I’ve Got The Flu Medicine, to put me out of my misery. However, Dr Goombah is purely fictional and only lucky witches like Adrianna Jasmine get to try out his stuff oh sigh…

“Here we are darling, try to sit up with mummy so you can drink this,” I moaned and squirmed into my pillow, oh I felt dreadful. “Now come on, darling, I know your head feels like a lead balloon,” she said almost joyously, “but you need to sit up, or I can’t give you your medicine.” She popped the cup onto the bedside table and put her hand under my arms to help me up. I groaned in pain as my pounding head responded without mercy to the unwanted movement. My mother however, managed to prop me up, then sat next to me and began to coax a hot silvery coloured liquid into my mouth. “There we go, darling, try to drink, I promise it’ll make you feel better.” I stretched out my lips and tilted my head towards the cup. The moment the drink touched my lips, I began to feel as if I were enveloped in comfort and safety. The drink itself didn’t taste particularly of anything, but it certainly was effective. It smelt of childhood: cakes baking in an oven, the freshness of the sea, and places I had visited on holidays. It took me back to being a little girl on Christmas morning, excited at 5am to be greeted by a magical tree and a sack brimming with toys. I went from one memory to another, all happy and positive, and experienced the joys of running free like the wind on a bright autumns day, kicking the orange and brown leaves with my red wellies. I felt so warm and safe, cocooned in the comfort that nothing would harm me anymore. Then the muscles of my face began to soften and my jaw began to relax. My frown line began to iron itself out, my body began to let go. “Drink some more, strawberry cup cake,” she coaxed, “you’ll be up and about in no time.” I silently sipped more of the strange liquid, enjoying the relief it brought to my flu-stricken body, and after about ten minutes I began to drift into sleep. I could feel my mother lovingly stroke my hair as she began to chant a short spell that’s found on the back of the tea packet.

Allow your body time to heal,
Drift away, clear your mind.
No more pain for you to feel,
Just health and happiness you shall find.

Four hours later I woke up refreshed and feeling stronger, I even sat up! My mother was rocking back and forth on the wooden rocking chair reading a copy of Cosmos, with Jupiter 10 snuggled onto her lap.