My Dad and I

Okay I’ve decided to keep my chapter in where Amy Winehouse is mentioned in the book. I wrote that chapter two years ago and the readers will know that the book was written during a time when Amy was very much alive. So yes I will keep it in. Besides who else could fill her boots?

On another note, I was talking to my father ‘Bob’ about the tragedy. My dad will be seventy this year and is an extremely knowledgable man and a great fan of likes of Sinatra, Rat Pack, Ella Fitzgerald, Elvis, before the jump suit period, Pavarotti and Amy Winehouse!

He said the news saddened him because such a talented girl with the world at her feet chose to be alone in her flat, lay on a bed and do terrible things to her body, before quietly slipping away from this world. It wasnt like she died of cancer, which of course would have been tragic, or a heart attack, but she actually pumped substances into her body in order to harm it, so sad, so terrible. He said he loved her voice and I can tell you, it takes a lot for my father to like a modern-day singer and he is upset by her death.

Catherine x