David Nicholls

Some books have worked well on-screen, Gone With The Wind, Narnia, Harry Potter, The God Father, True Blood! Some in my opinion have been completely ruined, Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Confessions of a shopaholic, De Vinci Code, but unfortunately a director’s imagination can not always compete with your own imagination. You picture a character in your head and when the character comes to screen it’s not how you imagined the character to be. Also certain parts of the story are sometimes tweaked, chopped out or completely changed causing you to cry out ‘hey that didn’t happen in the book.’

Hmmm. I went to The You magazine book fair in London where fabulous authors spoke about their lives and careers whilst a room of over a hundred book lovers listened intently. One of the authors was David Nicholls the author of Starter For Ten and Cold Feet. He has just written a book, One Day, which is now a major film. A woman asked him how do you feel when your story is tweaked by the director. He explained that due to time, money and other technical stuff, a book has to be tweaked. He said that once the author has sold the writes to the book, he or she should just take the money and run. Also interestingly enough once the writes are sold the author has no say in the film development.

I understand that certain scenes could cost a lot of time, effort and money but I would hate anyone to mess around with my vision, my baby, my creativity! Hmmmm I would love my book turned to film or even a tv series because I think it has all the key ingredients, love, drama, morals, cakes! But if I saw a my story on the big screen and the characters are not like how I imagined them to be, or bits chopped out and other manifestations put in, I would feel really upset.

So what would you do take the money and run or hold onto you your story?

Catherine x