dad and I

My lovely father celebrated his 70th birthday on Saturday and he was brought up in Tottenham north London. It saddens me to the very core about the riots and how Tottenham has been pummelled by its own people. The riot police are not really dealing with the issues well enough they are poorly equipped and ill-advised so therefore the public are ruling the streets.

I also heard two young girls on the radio brag about the fact that they had looted some wine from a shop and hoped that the riots were still on this very evening because its fun! ugh idiots, they also said that they are poor and are taking from the rich because they have a right to. Never mind get off your fat back sides and work you disgusting little twits!

People go to school, work hard and you will be able to afford your plasma tv’s and iPods stop stealing from people who work hard for a living!

Catherine x