I love Halloween I always have ever since I was a child. Perhaps it’s the reason as to why my chosen genre of fictional writing is urban fantasy. At the moment I am currently working on the sequel to my book Sweet Jasmine Cakes and Magic and I must say the words are flowing but I think it’s because it’s the week leading up to Halloween and it inspires me greatly. I’m currently off work from teaching my exercise classes due to suffering from a nasty cold and sore throat, so even though I’m resting on the couch in my pj’s I’ve managed to do a bit of writing which I’ve enjoyed.

I hope I will get well by Sunday as I’m doing a Zumba party for my niece Scarlett whose birthday is actually on Halloween I am sooooo jealous and therefore I will be leading a group of eight year olds in dance routines to tunes such as flamenco, hip hop, belly dance and pop.

So what will you do for Halloween? It’s on Monday this year, so the day before i shall pick a pumpkin from a pumpkin patch at the cat and the fiddle before heading off to Burly village for a cream tea with my cousin Carly. We’ll have a quick wonder and drink in the sights and sounds of the Halloween spirit in the old village, then I will return to Bournemouth to entertain a group of over excited kiddie winks! Monday I will be back at work, I’ll try to add some Halloween routines to my aqua Zumba class, perhaps watch a spooky film with my partner in the evening and admire his pumpkin carving, he’s very good at it!

So no I won’t be casting spells or contacting spirits I believe enough in that stuff not to mess about with it do you?
Catherine x