Right I have just sent off for my UK ISBN number, so hopefully all being well, within the next ten days I should have my unique ten digit bar code sent to me and start uploading the book!

Every book in the world has a bar code that is unique to that book and hopefully soon I’ll have one too and my book will be registered at the British library.

To get to this stage has truly being a massive up hill struggle.Back in January I made a new years resolution and said to myself by the end of the year I will have my book published and guess what I’m exhausted from it.

Looking back at all the things I’ve done.

Sent the book to publishers
Deal with being turned down
Realise that you need an agent who has an agent to send your book to a well-known publishing house
Realised that trying to get a complete stranger to believe in your work is virtually impossible
Tried to stay positive and believe in my work
Found someone to proof read my work
Pay person to proof read my work
Ask someone to read my book for honest oppion
Realised that my book was good, but shoddily proof read
Got the book re proof read
Found someone to design my front cover
Pay for person to design my front cover
Pay person to design my website
Waiting for website to be built
Find out if I can use my book cover design for my website
Find out what an ISBN number is
Download ISBN form (although couldn’t because printer broke)
Brought a new printer
Filled out countless forms because I kept making mistakes
Sent forms off in the post
Paid for my ISBN number
Waiting for number to arrive

Ugh soooo much waiting and shelling out!

Okay so almost there I hope its worth it!

I am going to have bunch of my books printed and bound, but I’m going down the electronic route for now and relying on the kindle, ebook, Ipad craze in the hope that it will help sell my book.

Catherine x