I always knew I was dyslexic but no one believed me, which sadly isn’t uncommon. More and more people find out that they’re dyslexic in their adult years, partly because adults go back into education in order to learn new skills and it’s picked up. That’s what happened to me, actually my tutor noticed it straight away and I was asked if I would be interested in participating in a dyslexia test. I passed with flying colours! When I found out that I was dyslexic it was as if a massive weight had been lifted from my shoulders, and suddenly everything made sense. I can read and write perfectly well but my spelling is atrocious, one sign of dyslexia, I often get dates and times mixed up, another clear sign, words especially when hand written confuses me, I have terribly messy hand writing. I don’t hold a pen I strangle it, I get quite upset when I have to work out a mathematical equation, and I prefer to learn kinaesthetically. However on the up side, dyslexics are highly imaginative and creative and we are normally very good at physical art such as, painting, dancing, designing, acting, anything colourful and imaginative! Someone the other day said that I was artistically intelligent! This pleased me tremendously, to think I’d been called intelligent! Something I was never called at school! I am however constantly creating, whether it’s because I’m choreographing new dance routines or even writing my book, (I’m a dyslexic and i’ve written a book!) my mind never stops whirling. So if you’re dyslexic don’t let it hold you back. When I found out I began to feel less frustrated when I got things wrong. It can take me many attempts to fill out forms, another clear sign, but it’s alright it’s fine, I just take my time and if I get it wrong never mind! I can also spot a fellow dyslexic by just engaging in conversation with him/her and once I know a few details about their schooling days, well lets just say Miss Marple would be proud! If you think that you or someone you know is dyslexic visit The British Dyslexic Association web site or go to my links.

Catherine x