Okay a few hold ups but it’s okay!!! Just breathe Catherine just breathe!!! Okay calm now, right my web designer is uploading my book onto kindle and some other places I hope it all goes well, there always seems to be something that just stops me from publishing my novel but I need to think positive and not give up it will happen but you know what, this self publishing thing is hard! I guess the hard is what makes it great but seriously at times its too much to take. My big issue at the moment is finding a printing company to print my books into paperback, I’m just waiting for them to get back to me and also waiting to hear if my venue that I want is available to use for my book launch. I’m actually teaming up with the Wessex autistic society for my launch which will also be a fund raising event. We’ll be offering free cakes, as featured in my book, book readings, raffles, tea and coffee, so hopefully it should be magical but as always at the moment its all about the waiting …waiting and waiting…

Ugh must be patient. I had to just let go last night I went to bed, no more emailing no more trying just sleep, sleep, sleep…zzzzzzz

Catherine x