Am feeling happy that I found someone to print my book but because I got myself so worked up over everything to do with my book over the last couple of weeks i think its the main reason as to why i got sick. So I’m just going to try and not think about it now. The mock paperback arrives next week so will push it out of my mind and relax until then. I’m teaching this morning although I must admit I feel quite unwell but I am not working tonight as I don’t want to over do it.

Looking forward to Christmas so I can rest, recover and get prepared for the new year. I have much to do I need to choreograph new Zumba routines, prepare my book launch, and learn other exercise routines.

I am going to try and enjoy the person that I am next year, learn to have more faith in myself, trust my instincts more and accept compliments. I am too quick to judge myself I think I need to relax.

Are you like that? When people pass you a compliment you brush it away? I need to remind myself of the nice things people say more than the negative and learn to accept the pleasantries in life. I guess it’s because I’m always striving to conquer something new. I think I need to enjoy the things I do achieve for longer before racing onto the next challenge. Honestly it’s exhausting!

Catherine x