It’s bad really because I haven’t even put up my tree. I like December very much but this year I’m finding the hole yuletide season a bit overwhelming. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been unwell or perhaps it’s because I’ve been swamped under with my book project but I need to simply try and enjoy it.

My father was father Christmas at a shopping mall yesterday he did a wonderful job. He made my cousins and I laugh and we had our picture taken with them. He commented that it was wonderful to do something for the community and to see the delight on the children’s faces.

Mind you the shopping mall was in Boscombe a not particularly up market part of Bournemouth. It reminded me of New York in the 80’s! My cousins and I went for a Costa coffee and within seconds of arriving the police walked in asking the waiters for a jug of water because someone had set a bin alight right outside. Then a drunken man walked in, shouted out some gabble, did a 360 tour of the shop then walked straight back out. Carly and I noticed it all and sat there in complete horror clutching our handbags to protectively to out chests, whilst Daniel sat with his nose in the daily mail completely oblivious to the shenanigans! Funny

Christmas can bring one great happiness but it can also bring great sadness. I miss my mother terribly. She died sixteen years ago of breast cancer and i just want her here right now with me. I think that’s why along with plenty of other woes, I feel blue. She wouldn’t like it though to think I was sad, so I will perk up, but it’s tough.

The relationship between my two leading characters Adrianna Jasmine and her mother Sicily is very strong. The mother idolises her daughter and would do anything for her. The daughter too loves her mother although at times feels more like the grown up due to Sicily’s vivacious lust for life and carefree attitude. But woe betide if any threat comes to her daughter she’d turn you to stone!

Although Sicily is nothing like my mother I did enjoy writing about the mother and daughter pair. I had to get into their heads and feel their thoughts and describe their emotions and conversations, it was quite cathartic really. Does it compare to having my own mother next to me of course not but the love I still have for my mother I’m sure played a huge part in my writing. People have told me they adore the relationship the mother and daughter share. This pleases me their relationship is from the heart my heart.

Catherine x