It was in the 80’s, 87 I think. Bournemouth ice rink was still open and my parents ran the large cafe there. It was a Saturday morning and I was dressed as a fairy. I was wearing a pink tutu and my dad had made me a wand out of a thick stick, sprayed gold with a mince pie tin case stuck on top of it. I wore a tiara. All the children were in fancy dress and were whizzing about like little frenzied bees on the ice. I enjoyed seeing my friends appear in different costumes then squealing in delight as I recognised who they were. My cousin Daniel was dressed as a knight.

Then Noel Hurn the rink’s manager began to through sweets out onto the ice and we the children would scramble about like crazy on the ice to pick them up. My favourite sweets were umbomgo bars! I had mountains of sweets and when I went to the cafe to show off my win my mother rolled her eyes and told me to give them to the other children. “We own a cafe and sell those sweets, you can eat them anytime!” she said. I reluctantly gave them away but I didn’t sulk for too long I liked doing it.
I can remember mum and dad driving me home at tea time and going into the living room and switching the fairy lights on it was so magical. I could never sleep. My father used to really get into the spirit and make the existence of Santa so real I could literally hear the sleigh bells.

The memory of that day is so vivid, I can remember sounds, colors, tastes and feelings. I adore it.

An additional memory isn’t quite as a elaborate. It was just mum and I walking from the rink out into Bournemouth town centre into a Christmassy night to do some shopping. She brought me a McDonald’s which consisted of a milk shake, chips and nuggets. She didn’t approve of McDonald’s but she brought it for me this one time and I devoured it with relish.

A nice memory that once again I cherish.

Catherine x