I brought the Delia Smith Christmas cake kit and it appears to have come out of the oven in rather good form.

It was only five pounds and the kit consisted of all the essential ingredients pre weighed and a step by step guide. I still had to add eggs, butter, orange and lemon zest, mix it all up and bake it, so it was still all my hard work!

My partner said it was cheating but I beg to differ all Delia did was weigh out some of the ingredients and pop them into packets, the rest was all me! I am now lovingly feeding the cake brandy every day to keep it moist. (A word some people find repulsive don’t you know!)

The tricky bit will be doing the marzipan and icing, I’m not very artistic hmmm might ask for a little help there!

Anyhoo I’m rather proud I’ve never made a Christmas cake before let’s hope it tastes nice. Although I feel all under pressure now to have baked the perfect Christmas cake. People are going to eat it and everything, compare it to cakes from the past, it might be revolting! Oh well hey ho merry Christmas!

Catherine x