I believe some people have downloaded my book from amazon yay! I feel as though I’m a real author now people have brought my work!

I got my paperback prototype sent through a few days before Christmas and went through it so I could spot any typing errors. There were over fifty! I made notes of all the pages and lines that needed rectifying and will contact the printers in the new year so they can change any errors before I okay 100 copies to go to print.

After checking my work, which I had to complete by christmas eve, I gave my first copy as a gift to my cousin Theresa. I signed it, To Theresa not quite in perfect condition, but it is my first edition, merry Christmas love Catherine 2011.

She loved it and called me up Christmas day to thank me, she was incredibly excited! Oh I hope she likes it ! I hope everyone likes it!

Now I need to get cracking with organising my business and organising book launch. I want very much to finish the sequel but I can’t until I feel my first one is all under control. At the moment there are a lot of teething problems. My products page on amazon needs to be amended and my website still isn’t up and running.

Still I’ve come a long way since January 2011!

Catherine x