Well it’s almost back to work and although I was desperate to break for Christmas because I was so tired, I’m pleased and looking forward to returning.

I’m looking forward to exercising again and of course choreographing and teaching fun, vibrant routines for Zumba.

However this year my new years resolutions will be…

To make a success of my book
To organise book launch
To get my books printed
Pitch Waterstones
To complete my second book
To try and have more faith in my ability
To enjoy me a lot more!
To not get so worked up and worried all the time

My work at times can make me very tired as its physically tough and I am constantly striving to please others. However next year, although I will always try my hardest to deliver everything from well thought out exercise classes to writing successful books, I need to understand I can’t please them all!

I really must understand that!

Catherine x