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Well back to work today and I’ve already taught six classes, however if truth be told Zumba tonight nearly killed me!!!

Although it was a fantastic class, really busy too and the atmosphere was great. It was wonderful to see such lovely smiley faces out in the crowed appreciating the choreography and the Zumba experience Catherine style.

I choreographed three new routines tonight, two from my zin cd and one from a David Bisbal album whom I adore!

I did however struggle tonight as I haven’t taught for ten days due to the Christmas break, plus I had that awful chest infection which is still lingering and interfering with my asthma. Hey ho I still made it though and it was good to wear my funky light up disco trainers again, oh how I’ve missed you! Yes you may mock and a lot of people do but I don’t care I loooooove them!

Hee Hee. Anyway trying to get my launch date for my book sorted out its getting rather close to the deadline hmmmm emails and phone calls tomorrow me thinks!

So tomorrow, aqua Zumba which is doing well, spin and studio Zumba once more looking forward to it all.

Catherine x