Loved my horse riding lesson today I learnt so much, plus how to speak horse language! Ha ha you may mock but I now know what ‘change reign’ means and ‘stand’ and ‘walk on’ okay that’s pretty self explanatory, but still.

Carly and I picked up so many tips for example, I now know why my right knee hurt me so much and cramped up every time I rode. This was because my stirrups were too short and my legs were positioned too far forward. So once corrected ‘wow’ what a difference.

My pony was called Sunny and I loved her. She was cheeky and had a mind of her own meaning she wasn’t some poor horse made to stay in line on some dull trek. How mind numbing for them.

I also learnt that when I performed my trot I land too heavy onto the horses back. I was told to be softer when I land otherwise it hurts the horse’s back. This made me gasp as I have landed heavy many times whilst riding and not told otherwise. It actually upset me to think I’ve probably been hurting the horses. Luckily I’m only 52 kilograms but still! As soon as I was informed about this I was mindful to be much softer as I wasn’t going to allow that to happen again. Plus due to lots of helpful tips from my instructor I actually felt so much more in control on my pony this time. I think I trotted very well.

I wish we could afford a couple of lessons a week but alas lessons are very expensive but it is my new favourite thing, I now need to buy my own hat, then jodhpurs, boots, crop, pony…

Handy tips I learnt
Don’t hold the reigns to tight whilst trotting as this leads the horse to believe you want to stop!

Heels down and legs back

Upright posture

Eye gaze straight ahead at all times

Arms out when turning

When turning squeeze inside leg inwards

To make the horse walk simply squeeze not kick. Kicking makes the horse trot!

Try to relax arms and hands slightly and not grip fingers too tight.

Okay next weeks tip ‘how to jump!’

Hee Hee!!!

Catherine x