100 flyers has cost 30 quid! I wanted the back of them printed too but it’s double the price, so I’m just settling for the one side, hey ho.

I’m also waiting for the printers to send me my book prototype so I can check to make sure its all tickety boo. Once satisfied I can go ahead and order my 100 books for the launch. I’ve already reserved about twenty this week to sell at the launch which is exciting. At this rate dare I say I might sell them all…?

I do hope so, wow what an achievement that would be!

I’m so looking forward to the launch my friend Anna will be in charge of book sales and we have a till how professional! Oh I hope it goes well.

Right, just need my books to be delivered now then that nasty panicky feeling in my tummy will disappear, after all how can I have a book launch without books?

I also received a nice compliment about my book last week. The sister of a friend of mine, who I don’t know particularly well, has read the book and loves it. She is part of a reading club and is going to recommend it to her fellow group. That’s really boosted my confidence as being panned by the critics is something that scares me! This is my first venture into the book world and of course I have put my heart and soul into my work but I suppose good and bad criticism comes with territory. It’s rather like the exercise industry some people are fans of my work and vision some are not. Therefore I need to remember my new years resolution “I can’t please everyone.”

Catherine x