Had a wonderful time last night due to an ole pal visiting our green and pleasant land, all the way from Canada. I met up with many blasts from the past, who I knew when I was a little ice skater at Westover ice rink. The last time I saw all these people I was probably between the ages if 8 and 10, and of course they all gawped in shock when they saw me because I am no longer a little girl. It’s funny when you see how people change when you haven’t seen them for a long time, especially children, as in your head they’re eternally little. It was great catching up with old ice hockey players and listening to all the shenanigans they all got up too at the rink, which of course went on right under my little innocent nose. ( I was too obsessed with becoming an Olympic champion to appreciate the happenings of naughty ice hockey players ) They Also spoke highly of my parents who used to run the cafe there. Apparently my dad used to feed all the players. An American hockey import called Geoff recalls how my dad used to offer him beans on toast, and a chap called Tony reminisced how he would talk to my dad for hours over a complimentary gammon roll.

I also met another hockey player who is a year younger than me, and found out that he was a fellow dyslexic. It was nice chatting about it because like me he didn’t discover that he was dyslexic until his adulthood, but always knew that something wasn’t quite right. Very similar to me. I told him that us dyslexics are very colourful and imaginative and bring all the creativity into the world. He appeared to appreciate this and therefore am very pleased I told him so, because dyslexia can be very bewildering due to it making one feel so different from the crowed.

Anyway, I hope I stay in touch with my new found pals as I thoroughly enjoyed their company.

Catherine x