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Back in the summer of last year I went to london with my cousins and we saw many famous faces such as Meg Ryan and Stephen Gerrard, ate in San Lorenzo and basically had a wonderful girls day out.

A few days ago in order to create more ‘traffic’ for my blog I started to ‘re tag’ my old posts and my girls day out has caused quite a stir.

Please let me explain, I posted the ‘entry’ last August, ‘re tagged’ four days ago, which has resulted in more ‘traffic’ causing people to believe, due to how my entrance was written, that I saw Meg last weekend. I did not see her last weekend but back in August 2011 in Harvey Nicks!!! I was not in London last weekend although right now I wish I was because I could be enjoying a lemon merengue cocktail in the Berkley Hotel’s Blue Bar, which I also enjoyed on that infamous day out in London last year when I saw Meg Ryan!

Sorry for the confusion! : (

Catherine x