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After Dani read an extract from my book, ‘Chloe with Two Dots’ my book was available to purchase and a room full of people came bounding over to my table, waving ten pound notes in the air eager to buy it. Apparently I looked like Bambi caught in head lights as they all came towards me. Thank goodness my cousin Carly was there to take charge and organised everyone into single file. People were asking me to sign their book which I was happy to do, but due to my dyslexia I felt stressed when people asked me to make it out to a name. Luckily the room knew that I was dyslexic because I told them during a speech I made before the book reading, so people spoke slowly to me when they told me how to spell the name/names.

People found it quite incredible and inspiring that I was able to write a book with dyslexia. I was pleased to hear this and I hope that my dyslexia does inspire people and helps them to believe in themselves.

Anyway back to the line of people. It’s a funny sensation when your own father has to join a line to actually get to speak to his daughter! He lined up three times I think! But to be fair he loved it he was very proud of his little girl.

My dad is seventy and comes from
London. I’m recording his memoirs at the moment because once I’ve finished my sequel to Sweet Jasmine I’m going to write a book about his life. He’s extremely interesting, funny and has some amazing stories to share. He is also dyslexic.

A picture of my dad, my step sister Kirsty and I.

Catherine x