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As some of you maybe aware, I teach group exercise and one of my disciplines is Pilates. I first fell for Pilates ten years ago, when I took part in a ‘Fitness Pilates’ course with the internationally renowned presenter ‘Rachel Holmes’

After a few years I decided to study Pilates from another company and taught the style for a couple of years, but alas I did not react well to the style of it.

Without putting the style down, as it is internationally recognised and popular, it wasn’t for me. I found the style very regimented, unlike myself and of course not suitable for large classes, which is what I major in.

So I decided to go back to my routes and returned to Fitness Pilates. I have enjoyed a yearly workshop with Rachel where she has offered lots of new ways to improve one’s classes, and keeps us updated with all the latest happenings in the Pilates world.

She is very much into functional training and encouraging people to move and stretch opposed to practicing Pilates in stiff fixed positions, which is not as beneficial for grumbling backs and tight muscles!

Plus, Fitness Pilates works for the people, the non dancers and mrs Smith the house wife, everyone gets it! It makes my job so much easier and people love it! Plus the difference in my participant feedback was outstanding compared to when I taught it in the stiff, regimented fashion.

So there you have it! Fitness Pilates is great and I’m going in another Fitness Pilates workshop this Saturday and am looking forward to what my tutor has in store.

Catherine x