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I am very excited to hear that children and adults alike have been enjoying reading my book, since the launch last Saturday. One of my favourite pieces of feedback came from a lady who’s granddaughter has been snuggled up on the couch reading my story with her little book mark. Awwww 🙂 (however please note my book is for adults and it’s best that a parent reads it first before giving it the green light! )

However, I was informed that the little one is indeed dyslexic like me, and as a result is enduring a hard time at school. Apparently children as they often are, are being somewhat cruel to her due to struggling with certain subjects. Of course this is extremely upsetting for the child, and has left her feeling hurt and confused.

This is often the case for adults and children who struggle whilst learning certain subjects, and leads to frustration and then onto to anger. None of those two feelings are healthy.

So I was asked for my opinion regarding the little girl. I informed her grandma that firstly her parents should contact the British Dyslexics Association to decipher what form of dyslexia the child has, and where her strengths and challenges lie. Then to perhaps offer the little girl additional one to one support, for example in Maths and English. This will allow the child to learn in a style that suits her and at her own pace. She may even find it fun! Then to encourage her to develop all the skills that she is talented in. Apparently the child shows promise in regards to drawing, art and craft. Hmmm I see a future architect, or wildlife photographer in the midst!

I also offered to write to the little girl and explain that the way she is has nothing what so ever to do with being stupid, and that dyslexics are some of the most creative, colourful and in some cases, the most brilliant minded people on the planet. Winston Churchill was one of us!!! I will also advise her to ignore the children who are taunting her, because they simply do not understand our way of thinking.

So little one keep up with your drawing and stay calm and content in regards to who you are.

Catherine x