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I took part in a really good workshop today, Fitness Pilates with Rachel Holmes. It was functional and fabulous.

I have taught Pilates for about ten years, and FP was the first course I took part in. I loved it and my classes were extremely busy. Then I went off and took part in a ‘traditional’ and very expensive Pilates course where I was told to be quite ridged and stiff, and as a result my personality reflected the style I was taught. My numbers began to rapidly fall.
The course I took part in claimed to be the ‘best’ however due to being part of the fitness world, I soon began to figure out that the style I was teaching was not progressive. The buzz was that ‘functional’ and ‘free moving’ is the way forward to improve bad backs, not to perform exercises in a stiff, fixed position.

So I did some research and phoned a woman who is a Pilates tutor and told her how I was feeling. She told me that I was right to be concerned about my style as it was old fashioned, and did not support the modern findings in regards to good back care. She also informed me that some of the traditional Pilates providers do not move with the times and are stuck in the old fashioned way of performing Pilates. Anyway I went on a workshop with her and within 24 hrs I loved Pilates again!

I then treated myself to an FP workshop last year and since then due to Rachel’s amazing outlook to Pilates, my classes are very popular. I took part in another FP workshop today and learnt some lovely new exercises and ways to tweak movements to make them more colourful.

My back prior to today feels great and we did foam roller work which is great for releasing tight muscles.

So I’m feeling inspired and I can’t wait to perform my wood chop squats, back extensions, rotational lunges and one legged bridges with gesture leg movement in my classes next week!

Well done Rachel brilliant as always! And I gave Rachel a copy of my book I hope she likes it!

Catherine x


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