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Okay so today has left me feeling a little flat. Since my book launch I have been receiving positive reviews about my book, selling more and more copies and sending emails to perspective book stores. I have been informed that the newspaper wishes to do an additional feature on me to boot. However everything seems to be in stale mate at the moment and it’s frustrating. No one has got back to me!

Today I feel tired from trying and when I tell myself to switch off from it all for a few days I end up scalding myself. ‘Must keep trying, mustn’t give up.’

It’s the waiting. I’ve done a lot since my launch in regards to keeping the ball rolling but now I have to wait to receive word from people who can make things happen.

On a more positive note I will be at the Christchurch food festival this year selling my book accompanied with a free homemade cup cake! Once again in association with the Wessex Autistic Society. But that’s not until May!

Also i’m looking into having my book on the new title showcase shelf at the London book fair this year and to be advertised in their catalogue. I would like to have a stand at the fair too but it’s a bit complicated, still will keep pressing on. The fair looks really lucrative and attracts big names in the book world, ugh I really want to go!

Sorry I’m a bit blue today I don’t wish to use my blog as a therapy session, but it’s what’s happening in my world right now.

On the flip side, taught a lovely Zumba class last night and this evening. Both classes were full and fun so I must be grateful for that. Just need to pick up main hall Monday night now as I’ve taken it over and numbers are below par. Hmmmm…

Catherine x