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I have decided to include my book in the new title show case at the London book fair. It costs £150. I can’t have a stand it’s over £1000. Boo : (

This is what the showcase is all about…

Your book, face out on the shelf
Your book and company contact information in the Official New Title Showcase Catalogue
Your book and company contact information, along with cover image and Look Inside the Book feature online at http://www.newtitleshowcase.com for the period of one year
Onsite lead collection
Placing your booking on the New title showcase feature is £150 ex vat.

Anyway I will go up for the day and see what it’s all about and take a picture of my little book on the shelf next to all the other books like a proud mum. I will also wear my Sweet Jasmine, Cakes and Magic T shirt and network baby!!!

Earls Court here I come!

Catherine x