I was fortunate to be invited to a beautiful wedding at the famous Chewton Glen hotel. I had never been there before and was not disappointed.

The grounds are beautiful and the feel of the place is elegant yet relaxed. No wonder Chris Evans is known to frequent there. I particularly liked the cosy bar decorated in dark wood, deep burgundy walls, plush plum settees and open fire places. Book shelves housing books over two hundred years old graced the walls, and the atmosphere allowed one to sit with a drink in total comfort. I felt as though I were back in the 30’s perhaps mingling with the likes of aristocracy and men who liked to shoot and enjoy a fair glass of whiskey and a fine cigar after a day of hunting pheasant.

I want to go back!

The waiting staff were impeccable, honestly they were like something out of MI6! Like a trained ninja a waiter appeared from no where and topped up ones flagging wine glass, or If a napkin wasn’t over someone’s lap, it miraculously and magically appeared on one’s legs, ready to protect trousers and dresses from spilled Tatinger champagne or raspberry sorbet.

Speaking of which was delicious, we had salmon for starters, lemon and lime sorbet, chicken in some rich, divine jous and lemon tart, accompanied with the scrummy raspberry sorbet.

There was also endless tea and coffee during the evening, fish and chips, gourmet burgers and the most extraordinary choice of divine cheese! heaven. Oh and the home made bread! I was living the dream!

The dancing went on in the conservatory, which was peppered with twinkling lights that were caught on the lovely bride’s white gown when she danced. She looked like an angel.

Then there were the people. I met some great new acquaintances, a woman who is from Italian stock such as I, and happened to offer me some really lovely advice during a chat over a piece of wedding cake, a chap from London who sounded like my dad when he spoke, and the best man, who gave an extremely witty and entertaining speech.

So all in all a lovely day, shame the weather was so atrocious, we endured hail stones and heavy rain, but I was more than pleased to be protected by the Chewton Glen’s beautiful, stylish and impeccable arms.

Catherine x