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I’m quite excited about a chapter I wrote yesterday where the witches summon the Goddess Hecate. I won’t say why as I don’t want to give the story away. Well what a woman she is! Goddess of witchcraft, the moon, ghosts. She is strong and powerful a bit intimidating actually, but a woman you would most certainly want on your side.

Although my books are about witches, Wicca and witchcraft, I myself am not a practicing witch and not an expert on the subject matter. However, writing my stories has offered me the opportunity to research when the occasion arises, in order to maintain a certain authenticity to my fantastical, fictional story. Take Hecate for instance, I never knew about her to hand, I simply required a strong goddess for the witches to summon, I found her, researched her and now she is featured in my next book. Cool hey?

Now, if I never had written my book I would have missed out on some great education! Writing equals learning and I love learning and I love writing, a perfect combo!

Ooh I had a great compliment from two satisfied customers in regards to my first book. They thoroughly enjoyed it! And are desperate for the second one to be finished ASAP. Once again I am inspired to plough on, as positivity from my fans has fuelled me to continue on with my dream.

Catherine x

I met a fabulous Italian chap in my Zumba class this morning. He was so happy and enthusiastic. After the class he came and spoke to me and complimented my work. He is apparently attempting to participate in a Zumba marathon and was advised to give the class a go before his mission.

When he told me he was Italian I placed my hands on my chest closed my eyes and smiled and couldn’t wait to tell him that my grandfather was a fellow Italian too.

I love Italy!!! X