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Adrianna Jasmine is starting a new life far away from London, magic and her mother! Determined to make it on her own, the young witch has turned her back on magic to outsmart the The Threefold Law, so that she may live in peace and harmony. But can she escape from her heritage that easily, and most importantly the allure of practicing witchcraft?

Back in London, her former cackle are faced with fresh supernatural adversities, which could very well threaten the lives of witches and non-witching folk alike. Moreover, the cackle are painfully coming to terms with the fact that their Sweet Jasmine has not only abandoned dear old London, but has snubbed them all to boot!

The cackle of feisty females find themselves battling with the past and present in order to preserve the future, by using not only their magical skills, but also their wit and savvy to avoid unthinkable consequences.

A darker shade of pale, with new characters, shocking discoveries, new recipes to try out and supernatural events to overcome, once again the life of Adrianna Jasmine Mariposa Poppleapple Forthright -Punch is not to be missed!

Out Summer 2013, if you haven’t read Sweet Jasmine, Cakes and Magic order now off kindle or visit my website catherinesabatina.com to order your paperback version.
Catherine x