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Dv8 magazine kindly asked if I would do a photo shoot for them along with an interview about my book Sweet Jasmine, Cakes and Magic.

“Of course,”I replied!
So yesterday I arrived at the office loaded down with some pretty dresses and the very friendly girls from the office suggested that I go for my black satin D&G dress.

It’s very slinky, yet elegant, it’s the perfect cocktail dress, Adrianna Jasmine would be proud!
I teamed it up with nude peep toe Jessica Simpson heels.

“Right then,’ said Alice, “let’s go to Bournemouth Gardens to meet Samantha our photographer!”

“Err,”I replied, “I have to walk from the top of Poole road to Bournemouth Gardens dressed like this!”

“Yep, come on,”she said.

Oh my I was very self conscious. You see Bournemouth is very casual, we go for the beach babe and surf dude look down here, but tend to dress up at night not during the day! However it did make me chuckle as yes a woman trussed up in a black slinky D&G number walking through Bournemouth town centre on a sunny afternoon, did cause a little stir. However to be fair, I just kept my head down and focused on arriving at my destination.

We met Sam the photographer who was really cool and trendy, and she planned where she wanted me to pose.

It was quite good fun and a few people ogled but most people went on with their business.

However one woman was a little mean about me, bare in mind I was nervous as it was, as she said, “ugh not really an appropriate place to have a picture taken!” she snapped.

Oh why oh why do people have to say it, or do it for that matter? I’m a young woman celebrating the fact that I have self-published a book and was dressed in a lovely outfit on the grass by pretty flowers. It wasn’t like I was doing a topless photo shoot! Perhaps she should head down to the beach on a scorching summers’s day, she’d have a fit!

Anyway, all in all it was a lovely experience and did me good. My confidence is low at the moment so putting on a little black number and strolling through town during the afternoon, probably was a good thing to boost poor confidence. Mind you if it’d been in the city of London or Milan no one would have battered an eye lid.

Well let’s hope the pictures come out well and my book gains some publicity from it.

The article is out in the May issue.

Catherine x