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I haven’t blogged for a while as I’ve been in Rome on a city break, and am now ill in bed with an ear infection, boo and rubbish.

Anyway had a great time in Rome, although got sunburnt as it was baking over there, and I was unprepared for the over vicious rays. However I ate plenty of delicious food, as always had a great laugh with my BF Carly, drank over priced cocktails in Harry’s Bar, and took in all the sites.

I am now defiantly going to embark on my Italian adventure in July, where I will live as a student for one month in order to learn the language.

The company I’m using to study with has also been appraised highly by a girl I met in Italy, who actually did something similar to me a few years ago. You see I only found the company on the Internet and I wasn’t sure of it’s legitimacy, but according to her it’s a reputable company. So July here I come!

My book was also featured in the new title showcase London this year. I’m not sure my book was noticed as of yet as I’m waiting for the reports to come in so fingers crossed!!!

Also look out for my full page spread article in Bournemouth’s DV8 magazine next month which includes an interview and photos.

Catherine x