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Well I’ve done it! I handed in my book and marketing proposal to my local Waterstones. I’ve also filled in a form so that my book now appears on the waterstones online catalogue. This means that if a branch is interested in my book, they can order it directly from me enabling them to stock it!

I am also in the process of filling in an additional form to apply for the space in my local Waterstones, to hold a book signing. It’s quite a hefty form and it asks me questions like, what will make your book signing different, what will you contribute to the store, how will you market your event?

My cousin Carly who is a marketing wiz, is going to over see what I’ve already written, and spruce it up. well it needs to be perfect!

Ugh I’m excited but also nervous, if this falls through well it’s back to the drawing board.

I’m also re-proof reading my first novel just incase it does hit the shops. I’ve been given a wonderful contact from a fellow author, who is going to go through my work with a fine tooth comb. He is ex grammar school and extremely thorough, I think he will do an excellent job! (bare in mind Sweet Jasmine, Cakes and Magic has already been proof read twice! )

I’m also running a Zumba hen do this weekend. I enjoyed it the last time I did it, so I hope it goes well. I’ve made up a couple of new routines too!

Catherine x