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So I was nude in a box. Hmmmm I’m not sure what to say except that I’m pleased I treated myself to a spray tan, and spent time on hair and makeup.

The results? Even though I feel a little strange as to what I’ve just done, the pictures were beautiful.

It’s funny because when I first entered the box, I wore a thong and I felt quite confident. However, when I took the thong off I felt quite vulnerable. Nothing irregular of course was on show as this was a tasteful, artistic shot. However that little piece of material made all the difference between vulnerability and comfort.

I was in the box for 1hr 30 min and they must have taken around 1000 shots. I did actually have to get out and visit the bathroom, and also perform some spinal rotations as my back began to feel a little sore.

I only sat in three different poses but I must have performed hundreds of subtle changes. Example achieving the perfect eye gaze. Nope she looks too dreamy, too stern, too bored, too seductive ahhhh!

Her hands aren’t right, left shoulder too hunched, her head too far forward, her feet need to slide back a little. I must have performed god knows how many subtle poses to achieve the perfect shot.

Well I’m pleased I did it, even though I feel a little strange. I taught my classes this evening and probably due to experiencing quite a full on day, I felt a little nauseous. (Three exercise classes this morning, the box experience in the afternoon, three exercise classes this evening)

The director and photographer were lovely and worked hard to make sure that I never felt uncomfortable. They were so polite and respected my dignity. Plus my cousin was there and fed me coffee.

However returning to the thong, I have no idea how some women can expose their private parts on camera. To me that is a complete invasion of their body and a lack of self respect. In my opinion it does not celebrate the beauty of the human body it abuses it.

Anyway that’s just my opinion others may disagree, what do you think?

The uni are very pleased with the shot and as soon as the poster is available I shall post it.

It’s not exactly an everyday experience so all in all I’m pleased I was offered the job.

Catherine xxx