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Here’s how I did mine. It does cost money, but make sure you shop around and find what works best for you. Ask friends if they know any graphic designers/web builders, normally for family and friends they will be cheaper.

Get it copy edited, copy editors are expensive they range between £700-£1000. However proof reading is very important. You could contact colleges and universities and ask if an English major would be interested in a proof reading job, you can set the price! Ask fellow indi authors who copy edited their work, usually their editor would’ve been very good and a lot cheaper too.

Find a graphic designer to create your cover jacket. Shop around, even ask students as they will be keen for the work and the experience.

Find a web builder, once again shop around never choose the first company you find. Web designers can charge up to £400.

Contact ISBN and get your bar code sorted out, this is approximately £80

Get your book copy protected. Simply go on line, (UK copyright office) this costs approximately £40.

Upload your book onto Amazon, ebook.

Organise a book launch.

Advertise your book wherever you can, local paper, magazines, offer your book as prizes for raffles and charity events.

Keep blogging, tweeting, facebooking…

Catherine x