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Italy has been calling me for a very long time. ‘Catherine come, come!’ it’s in my blood you see being that my nonno was Italian. But I couldn’t. I wanted to but it wasn’t possible.

I went! I went for a whole month and went to school to learn the language. I was a student, I wore short skirts, ate every flavour gelati under the sun, and hung out at the beach.

How was it?

‘Italy was like a mother, a mother calling her lost, broken, wayward child to come home.’


“Let me feed you, let me love you, let me nourish you and build you up so my daughter you may become strong again. Then when you’re fit and healthy I will send you back into the world strong, free, courageous and beautiful.”

“Italy was my chicken soup for the soul.”


Thank you beautiful Italy you saved me and healed me. I shall return soon.

I ate! ( oh the food) I prayed ( reflected and learnt to appreciate myself and the people who love me) I loved ( I met the most gorgeous people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting, and we cared for one another. It was uncontrived, simple and pure )

Now I’m at peace and full of fuel but I miss my friends, I miss them terribly. But they will be in my heart forever.

Grazie mille

Catti x x c