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I know at moment Olympic fever is still thick in the air and Fifty Shades of Grey has awakened your inner goddess, but soon the autumn will be upon us, and it’s time to surrender back to the dark and mysteries.

Witches, vampires, magic and chocolate will soon be igniting our inner fires and desires, transporting us back into the trees with Edward Cullen, and into the deathly arms of the True Blood vamps.

Urban fantasy, although perhaps sleeping now to allow other genres a moment to glow, will explode back into our world. Yes the want to meet tall, dark, dangerous and strange will be tormenting us again. The exquisite allure of magic and supernatural powers shall entice our desires to be something more than human. Soon you will be dreaming of that magical someone rescuing you, seducing you, saving you…

It’s here ‘Sweet Jasmine, Cakes and Magic’ ready to rescue you Harry Potter starved souls, you Twilight junkies, and fans of all things super-sexy- natural.

The heroine is everything us women can be and everything you men dream of. She’s cool, she’s calm and she can put a spell on you, so be warned.

Come and buy the book with magic, romance, humour and darkness, chocolate rich, silky and smooth.

Read it, love it, imagine it, the spell has already been cast to lure you urban fanatics back to where you truly belong.



Between 11am-3pm

Catherine x


Catherine x