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“The most exciting thing to come out of the kitchen since Nigella, Gordon, Delia and Jamie rolled into one. The sexiest thing since Jessica Rabbit, the most fascinating figure since Marilyn Monroe, Archie I present you with the celebrity chef of the millennium, the face that will launch a thousand magazines, I give you Adrianna Jasmine Poppleapple Forthright Punch –the magic of food!”

This is an amusing and entertaining book that will delight chick lit lovers all over with its blend of fashion, cooking, glamour and good old-fashioned romance.

Claire Read, Bournemouth

“The book propels the reader on with new excitement and surprises in each chapter, and with a deliciously funny narrative and the all-seeing-eye captures every detail of the lives of a group of extraordinary women.”

Saffron Malone, London

“The tone of this book can go from a light a frothy photo shoot, to a dark and sinister kidnap in the pace of a few pages. Adrianna Jasmine is a likable character part Nigella part Sarah Jessica Parker, and her supporting cast of witches, including her unstoppable and irrepressible mother, make this a veritable pantomime of a book. And Taylor of course is the ultimate leading man.”

Brian Flynn Bournmouth

The recipes and thought-provoking quotations at the start of each chapter make the book really original and fun and provide an extra dimension to this already multilayered book. An entertaining romp of a novel, the adventures of Adrianna Jasmine Poppleapple Mariposa Forthright-Punch are not to be missed.”

Kirsty Ball, Southampton



On sale now at Waterstones Castlepoint Bournemouth and Amazon Kindle

Paperback £9.99
Amazon Kindle £5.50
Catherinesabatina.com £9.99