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It’s today! My book signing and all round fabulous spooky Halloween feast, at the critically acclaimed vegetarian restaurant Zoukinis.

Come along for some creative and very hearty vegetarian food, mingle with friends and enjoy listening to extracts from Sweet Jasmine.

I’ve eaten in Zoukinis, and even though I’m not a vegetarian I thought the food was delicious.

I enjoyed spicy vegetable soup, accompanied with the fluffiest, highest piece of quiche I’ve ever had. And I was full for ages after.

It’s quite funny actually, my leading character Adrianna Jasmine, isn’t a fan of vegetarians as she believes them to always be ‘a thorn in a caterers side.’

Well I think she’d love the food here, and would ask the fantastic chef to enlighten her approach to vegetarian cuisine.

Perhaps she would close the gap between the vegetarians and the carnivores, because let’s face it there is a slight conflict between to two.

‘What, you don’t eat meat? But we’re programmed to eat meat!’

‘Ugh, you eat dead animals!’

‘But it’s dead, we need the protein!’

‘I disagree, you can acquire protein from nuts!’

On and on it goes!

If I had to become vegetarian, then I guess I’d just have to eat in Zoukinis every day hey hum.