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For all you Carolina Plum fans out there fear not, Sweet Jasmine, Stakes and Magic celebrates her fabulousness to the max.

The witch with the magical embrace is back, and plays a huge part in the sequel to the ever growing popular ‘Cakes’ and Magic.

Yes, the sexy blonde really has a chance to shine. Read how she utilises her extraordinary skills in witchcraft to assist the coven in their darkest hours, and how her magical hugs are nothing short of a goddess send.

“Carolina Plum is the sort of woman you would be grateful for in any type of situation, be it magical or earthly. If you’ve read ‘Cakes and Magic’ I’m sure you’ll be aware that Adrianna Jasmine’s world is anything but ‘normal.’ So the queen of hugs rolls up her pretty sleeves, applies her war paint and gets to work! Albeit in a totally fabulous, immaculate and effortless way of course!”

( Catherine Sabatina, November 2012)