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My favourite vampire film of all times is The Lost Boys. I remember watching it when I was a young teenager and to this day I never tire of the film.

For one the sound track is timeless, and Cry little Sister stills sends shivers down my spine, especially the very first few beats from the track.

The darkness of the fairground, the characters and of course that 80’s vibe evokes nostalgia and ignites my passion for all things urban fantasy.

Now don’t get me wrong I am a Twilight Fan and will be going to see Breaking Dawn, but if I were to choose my favourite vampire film then yes it’s The Lost Boys.

I think those older urban fantasy movies inspired me over the years into writing Sweet Jasmine, Cakes and Magic, and of course the Hammer Horror Dracula movies played a significant part also.

I loved Bewitched, the old TV series, The Munsters…anything spooky really, and I suppose even though I watched these films/programmes a long time ago, their brilliance and magic lingers on somewhere in the pits of my mind.

No matter how original your work something always inspires you. Whether its natural beauty, for me the spooky village of Burley, or a spine tingling horror movie about a group of teenage vampires in leather jackets, who tear up the dark roads on their motorcycles. Artwork, history, a person anything…inspiration is around us, within us guiding us to create.

Catherine x