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Still looking for your summer read? There’s still time chick-lit lovers and supernatural fans. Even for all you cupcake angels and wannabe witches. Yes, #Sweet Jasmine, Cakes and Magic is here to pamper you around the pool and transport you into a truly magical world. #amazon kindle

Forget Samantha from Bewitched and the three sisters from Charmed, and say hello to the world’s most fantastical witch Adrianna Jasmine, Mariposa Poppleapple Forthright-Punch!

Meet her kooky and ultra glam coven, and simply fall in hysterics with her over dramatic, yet endearing and fabulous mother Sicily.

So, enjoy the rest of the summer and remember Sweet Jasmine, Cakes and Magic is good for all occasions like Halloween, Christmas and birthdays…Valentines, weddings…holidays, snowy days at home…

Catti x

Sweet Jasmine, STAKES and Magic out Autumn


Hi from me the author #Catherine Sabatina