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One evening late in March, as Adrianna Jasmine closed up the coffee shop, Flavius walked in. She rolled her eyes and told him in language not worth repeating, to leave. He looked at her with sad eyes tortured with love.
She scoffed in his face, “love,” she mocked, “it’ll be the death of you… the final death,” she added with a cruel chuckle, “stop being such a wimp and man up.”
“Love, is beautiful Adrianna Jasmine,” sang Flavius, his voice serene, “it is the most powerful energy source in the world, love can move a mountain!”
“Personally, I think hate is a far more powerful emotion,” Adrianna Jasmine roared with laughter. “Goddess, that can really move mountains, blows them up in fact!”

A sneak peak a one of my new chapters from Sweet Jasmine, Stakes and Magic.


Love catti x