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Hi world, good to meet you.

I’ve just popped out of the pages from Sweet Jasmine, Cakes and Magic for a few hours to connect with you my lovely fan.

As you know my name is Adrianna Jasmine (full name, Mariposa Poppleapple Forthright-Punch) and yes I’m a master baker and err witch, shh please keep that private. If the world knew I was of magical stock, well lets just say I could be rather taken advantage of! Spying for the government, casting spells against my will, increasing women’s breast size…

Anyway, I’m apparently known as a ‘bit of a strudel’ and I guess it’s down to a few things.


Height: Five ft five
Hair colour: Chestnut
Hair Length: Long
Bust: Ample!
Eye colour: One eye blue, one eye brown
Figure: Hour glass

Okay, so you may not look anything like me, you could be blonde, or a six foot redhead.

I am completely at one with my image, and here’s a few tips to on how to keep yourself healthy and attractive.


1: Exercise. It’s as simple as that, you must do it and you must find time to do it, no excuses. If you say you don’t have time, you are making an excuse, if you say my job is too demanding you are making an excuse, if you say my children don’t allow it, you are making an excuse. I can’t afford it? Excuses, excuses, excuses!
Exercise classes
Running groups
Home videos
Walking the dog
Dance classes
Ball sports
Martial art groups

Find something you enjoy and stick at it, once the endorphins kick in and you see your botty shaping up, your tummy tone up, and your inner thighs looking less like jelly on a plate, you will be thrilled!
Think of the body you want, fixate on it and only the end result. Only think of the positive outcome and nothing else.

Personally my favourite exercise is to jump onto Wiz my faithful broom, and enjoy a night flight in my black leather all-in-one flying suit. Straddled across a fair stick squeezing and bracing my inner thighs is great exercise for the legs.


Get clear. I am a very clear girl I know exactly what I want. The day I’m not sure with what I want, is the day my day turns into a slimy, squelchy mess. Ugh!
I always think about what I want and never about what I don’t want.
“I don’t want to get ill.” Change to “I want to be healthy.”
“I can’t afford that!” I can afford that!”
“I don’t want to be late!” “I want to be on time!”
Never let doubt in for a second, think only up and up and up!
Say in your mind what it is that you really want, let it fill you with joy.
If you are feeling blue think of happy things even watch a funny film, get out of the slump otherwise it will manifest.

Never use your thoughts to harm others it will come back to you threefold! Us witches know only too well about that.

You must let go of all nasty, negative thoughts. If horrible thoughts consume your mind then you will feel nasty and twisted and it will project towards others. If someone irritates you then rid them of your life. Wish them well then cease to think about them. Put your energy into you and positivity, and all the things you want and love. Avoid wasting your energy on wishing ill on others, focus on you!

As a witch I often light a candle on the night of a full moon, and stare deeply into the flame. I then meditate and think about all the things I love and am grateful for. You too can do this.

Blessed be

Adrianna Jasmine x

Adrianna Jasmine is the leading lady from best seller chick-lit novels The Sweet Jasmine Series. Available now via Amazon