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Sometimes it’s easy to doubt yourself and your ability. Take me for example, I’m an exercise to music teacher who’s trying to crack the book world. I know absolutely no contacts or major big-shots who run their own publishing houses, yet I’m pursuing a career in this industry. I learn as I go and I persevere. In all honesty, at times I feel like throwing in the towel, and on a few occasions I’ve had to literally step back. It’s that constant banging on a hard, brick door that simply will not open feeling, and after a while you’re…absolutely exhausted!

I’m plodding along, my books are becoming more and more known by the public but yes, sometimes I think “why am I doing this?”
Then something happens, a sign! A sign to say Catherine Sabatina you’re okay and you must continue.

I was in Waterstones yesterday afternoon with my good pal Andhika. We were enjoying a coffee sitting on a small table for two. Next to me resting on a wall partition was a book. It caught my eye as I recognised the cover. I gasped and then felt a joyous wave envelop me, and a great smile appeared across my lips. It was a copy of the Worst Witch by Jill Murphy.

The Worst Witch is the very reason why I write about supernatural fiction, and the very reason as to why I love magic and witches. I fell in love with story at the tender age of seven after watching the made for TV programme, and my mother promptly bought me the book. Oh how I wished I could fly a broom stick and go to a magical school.

I’ve carried that story in my heart all through my life, and devoured every single Worst Witch story book out there.

So, when the magical book from my childhood just so happened to be sat next to me, it was as if someone or something had strategically placed it there to say, “come on Catherine keep going, this is what you’re meant to do.”

I almost felt like crying, it was so extraordinary and it gave me the boost I needed to carry on with my dream. One day Adrianna Jasmine the heroine of my book Sweet Jasmine Cakes and Magic, will be as famous as Mildred Hubble, the heroine of the Worst Witch.

Catti x