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I had great fun on Hot Radio today, which is situated at AFC Bournemouth Football Ground. I was invited to come on in and chat about Sweet Jasmine Stakes and Magic, and my book launch November 3rd, 2013, Littledown Centre. Not only did I have a really good experience being interviewed, but I also had the opportunity to enjoy brunch in the club’s cool cafe after my slot. There were even some players in the cafe enjoying a well deserved cup of tea.

I also talked quite candidly about my dyslexia, and urged people who believe themselves to be dyslexic to contact The British Dyslexics Association to get tested. Once diagnosed life becomes very clear indeed!

After my interview, I went over to Dudmore Farm for a horse riding riding lesson, which I adore. Mind you, after teaching Kettle Bell followed by Zumba this morning, my legs are a little bit wobbly!

Tutoring for Discovery Learning over the next three days, best of luck to my students.