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So, I’ve just returned from Rome where I enjoyed my book launch at The Anglo American Book Co, on the Via Della Vite, and I must say it’s left me hungry for more. There is something very special when a complete stranger takes interest in your work, flicks through the pages of your book and then says the magic words, “okay I’ll buy the book, actually I might as well buy the box set.” Woo hoo.

One of my buyers was from Russia, how cool is that! The Sweet Jasmine Series is rocking Russia, I’ve gone global! Lol

Seriously though, it does feel good and I’m really pleased that I’m spreading The Sweet Jasmine Series about. I’m an Indi author and that basically means I’m doing the job a publisher would do.

Sure I have my tired days, as mentally this Indi stuff is highly exhausting, and some days I just need to take a sit back and wait for the call to come knocking, and not the other way round. I did that today actually, I switched my phone off and bought myself a really cool pair of Hunter Wellington Boots. ( TK Maxx , Adrianna Jasmine’s favourite shop…well one of them)

Anyway, my PA Anna who is fluent in eight languages and accompanied me to Roma, wants me to go to Barcelona for the next signing at a delightful cupcake shop on Las Ramblas. They are even willing to create cakes that represent my characters, brilliant!

Catti xxx