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If you haven’t heard of me yet!

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Catherine Sabatina and I’m a dyslexic author from England, who wrote and produced supernatural chick-lit romps “The Sweet Jasmine Series.” Think Charmed meets Sex and the City. I launched both my books in the UK, (available via Amazon and Kindle, Waterstones Castlepoint ) plus I’ve just retuned from a book signing in Rome.

My books are incredibly witty, feminine, fun and full of English charm, due to being set in London (Upper Street and Covent Garden to be precise ) and The New Forest of Hampshire. ( Well-known for it’s connection with all things witchy and paranormal )

The books are part of a series with Sweet Jasmine Cakes and Magic being the first, and newly launched Sweet Jasmine Stakes and Magic being the second. I have also received wonderful reviews off Amazon.


Female Chick-Lit, paranormal comedy/romance, light horror.

Target Audience

Savvy, contemporary and young-minded females. (However I am also starting to collect a gathering of male admirers ) For women who like to laugh and read to relax. Fans could be anything from 15-75, as my books have most certainly gained the attention of plenty of readers at present.


My books are very pro-female with strong leading and memorable characters. The reader will discover twists and magical turns throughout its pages plus recipes, quotes and tips located at each charming chapter.

What’s it about?

The books follow the lives of a group of extraordinary women, who dwell in modern day London. They are intelligent, strong, hilariously funny, talented and just so happen to be witches. Adrianna Jasmine Mariposa Poppleapple Forthright-Punch, is a charming likeable leading lady, who is determined to never fall in love but of course she does, and results in hilarious, although darkly disastrous circumstances.

The twists and turns that manifest throughout the first book, transform this light and frothy read into something quite unimaginable. With its cliff-hanger ending, the reader is left thirsty for more. Luckily, Sweet Jasmine Stakes and Magic flys to the rescue, but be warned! Although the characters are all back including the recipes, the book’s unique style, and the quirky spells located throughout the story, the sequel is much darker.

Kind Wishes

Catherine Sabatina